03.26.08 :: 9:56 am

i've never been more saddened to be back at work.

oh, Winnie. What I wouldn't give for you to lose your voice. Permanently. Fuck you.

oh, Stash. What I wouldn't give for you to stop being so anal retentive about disposable applicators that wind up in the trash anyway and no one pays attention to anyway and saving me the hassle of searching for the "perfect" (and also non-existant) throwaway item. Fuck you.

oh, Ro. Thanks for swooping in while I was gone and taking over one of my projects and not telling me, you shitty, shitty broad. Fuck you.

I can't get out of here fast enough.
The rampant retardery mixed with the unprofessionalism mixed with the vapidity and overall idiotic and gross "L.A.-ness" of this place is like a festering sewage cocktail that I've been drinking for the past ten months.

only three and a half more to go.
i can make it.
i can put on an act for that long, i've totally done it before.

inhale, exhale, off to another pointless meeting.

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