04.01.04 :: 9:23 am

My dad called this morning, shockingly. It was sweet. He sounds so old.

"Are you upset about not getting married?" He asked.

Welcome to last year, Dad. I'm feasting on a whole other banquet of misery at this point.

But hey. Nice of him to care. The International Olympic Committee is bugging the hell out of him to do or say something at the opening ceremonies and I think he'd rather just screw the whole thing and opt out, I don't know, I think that's weak, he should suck it up... oh, the difficult life of a sports legend.

Went out on a date last night. Not the computer guy, someone else. He's alright, actually. Apparently, he made his own video arcade game with literally thousands of games ranging from QBert to Ms. Pac Man to Dig Dug... so the geekiness is strong in him.

I don't know. We'll see. I'm hungover. I'm antsy. I'm sad. Get this week over with.

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