02.27.06 :: 11:03 am

my new obsession: clap your hands say yeah, thanks to miss ruby.

And i realize they're really "hip" or whatever right now but I also realized the greatest thing about being 30 is not having to pretend to hate "it" bands for fear of being ostracized by hipsters, even if they're really fucking great.

even ryan loves them, and that's saying something.

the weekend went by too fast but i am looking forward to next weekend because it is Stoosh-dog's 10th birthday and I'm throwing an intimate little gathering with appies (appetizers, for you lamens) and cocktails and then maybe, maybe, maybe I will coerce Miss Ruby to go to Don Hill's for a "Spring/Summer 2001" revival.

I know.
I know we're going to hate it, but I think it would be a good idea to be absolutely certain.

Plus, it's always great to relive that era in our friendship because we were so wild and decadent and completely, utterly care-free (or careless, depending on how you look at it).

Plus, I bet they still play great music.

And you know what else? You'r never too old to get your dance on.

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