02.14.05 :: 9:27 am

Ry and I decided to do the V-Day thing last night because today is going to be pure mayhem anywhere you go and it's also going to be raining.

So we went to this cute little neighborhood restaurant called Rose Water and it was super romantic and candle-lit and we were making eyes at each other and all of a sudden I look over, and the guy at the enxt table has plopped a black velvet box in front of his sweetie.

It took a second for it to register and then her waterworks started. People, there was not a dry eye in the joint.

And then everyone broke out into applause and they got free champagne and it was a really sweet moment.

Ryan looked at me and said, "Yeah, no, there's no way I can follow that." And we had a laugh about it.

Today, it's all about avoiding the streets. Maybe ordering On Demand porn and getting tanked on wine. Romance is in the air, people, can you feel it?

Happy VD Day.

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