2001-06-18 :: 10:14 a.m.

This place blows.

I don't even know how long I can stand to work here. I mean, I'm not even getting benefits for the love of all that is holy... and I never thought I'd hear those words come out of my mouth, but yeah, once in a while, I'd like to go have the stabbing pains in my side checked out by a doctor. And, sure, I think it might be pretty important to get my teeth cleaned because at this point, I've probably got forty six cavities.

I torture myself. I need to find a real place of work real soon. This temping shit is unreal.

In other news, Night of the Inappropriate, Bizarre, and Obnoxious Comments was on Saturday night at Denise's party. Her friend, Dave, has got to be the stupidest man on earth. He knows me less than six months or whatever and yet, these pearls of wisdom came out of his mouth Saturday:

"I want you to meet two of my friends. They're really cool. They're a couple. They're interested in having a threesome. I told them they should meet you."



I asked him why he would say such a moronic thing and if he had any kind of tact or self-censoring. It's one thing to think I might be the kind of person who'd be into that, it's another thing to say it out loud to total strangers. Absurd. I told him to go fuck himself right there and when he later came to apologize I told him again where to stuff it.

Cue the fucking deer.

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