06.24.02 :: 10:49 am

Monday has started off like every other Monday where I get so annoyed with the Gestapo because I've been spoiled by the two days away from her.

21 days left until I see My Boy again, and thank God, because my phone bill is going to be astronomical.

Last night, I studied the Driver's Ed. sample test and I feel pretty confident that I'll pass the written test. And then, at the ripe old age of 26, I'll have a learner's permit.

How adolescent and cool!

I told My Boy that once I had a license, I'd help make car payments as much as I could, so I can have driving privileges.

Hopefully, one day in the near future, I'll get my own little car, used. Drive around on my own when he's on tour again. I always pictures me driving, but I hated the thought of other drivers. I could see myself driving something tiny.

For now, that great big white Sperm Whale of a van will suffice. Small price to pay for some convenience, I suppose.

Today is a day strictly for A/C comfort. 90 and sunny, in the big big city.

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