10.09.01 :: 11:10 am

Watched a surprisingly scary/cool flick last night with My Boy, starring Kevin Bacon. I'm a big believer in ghosts. Let's just say that when My Boy started pretending to be all ghost-like, walking at six frames per second, I freaked out like a little girl. Like a five year old girl. Try it sometime on someone you love, see if they don't panic.

Anyhows. I probably could have been proactive and shit on my day off and done laundry, but really, it was all about Minestrone soup and flannel blankets and Stoosh.

Fell asleep to a really interesting program about hermaphrodites on the discovery health channel.

Just took a personality disorder test. I'm not obsessive compulsive, but, it turns out, I am highly antisocial, and therefore capable of criminal activity.

Well then.

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