10.04.02 :: 2:15 pm

Stress has made my skin turn on me. I am not happy about it, and I want to be, say, by the end of this month.

Walking down 13th street last night, I totally saw Creepy M.B., a guy I went on two dates with. He was walking some bland blond to her door or something.

I call him creepy because, well, while he's a perfectly nice man, there's something a little off about him. Like he'd hold a gaze longer than necessary during conversation, making you self-conscious. Or he'd make really bizarre, esoteric jokes, that I think only he got. Little stuff like that, amounting to big-time creepy.

Anyway, luckily he didn't recognize me.

What would I have said? "Oh, yeah, hi. Um, so... still weird?"

Takes all kinds I suppose.

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