06.18.02 :: 10:40 am

Now that this diary has been through the wash and the wringer - literally and figuratively - I feel like it's time for another change.

Something summery blue sky, perhaps? Say goodbye to my dirty laundry service, there's newness on the horizon.

Couldn't reach My Boy last night. Of course, I ran through all sorts of lunatic scenarios in my head. All of which obviously involved sex, drugs, 17 year old girls, condoms, lube, hair pulling, van rocking, moans, you name it.

What is it? Is it that I'm still scarred from last year's debacle/sideshow/spectacle of malaise?

Logical Me says he would never, ever, in a million years.

But oh don't you know by now I share permanent headspace with the What If's.

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