2001-07-16 :: 11:28 a.m.

Only six more days and then I'm on vacation until September 1.

No one has any idea how much this pleases me, right down to the very core of my soul.

I plan to be horizontal for the better portion of this break, underneath sun and on top of sand, in bed, and generally being the laziest job-hunter in the continental United States.

I will christen my blender by making many fruity rum beverages. Also, there will be many dog-walking-running activities, and I want to throw a going away party and have a Whorenun sleepover.

And then...well, and then I'm going to be on a boat in Greece. I could get used to this.

Man. I watched all of Showgirls last night, all the way through, for the first time ever. And Elizabeth Berkeley is one unattractive broad. Those mushy fat lips. That bleached curly 'do. The fake eyelashes.

And don't get me started on the thrashing dancing/sex.

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