02.08.07 :: 10:00 am

in News of the Weird, i'm presenting our fragrance at an Expo in front of thousands of people.
Me, my own booth, in a suit, demonstrating the wondrousness of Eau d'Diddy.

I could just die laughing. And yet, it's kind of an honor, in a way.

I like how the second I put myself in the mindset of getting the hell out of dodge, all these opportunities start presenting themselves. Full-frontal presenting.

But I'm still leaving.
Hopefully, with more of a name made for myself.

In my heart of hearts, though, design is what I love.

Hopefully, graphic opportunities in LA will be abundant.
I wish I'd gone to school for this. "Self-taught" isn't exactly sought after, I imagine.

Oh well.
Off to buy a fancy suit.

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