09.13.02 :: 9:31 am

Things to look forward to? Sexually explicit birthday cake on the 20th for my Happy Hour Birthday Bonanza, courtesy of Carla and my fellow drunks.

And. A party Laurie is throwing for our twinness the very next night.

My head's going to feel like a giant baby is banging on it with a rattle, but I'm suspecting it will be 100% worth it.

There is yummy stuff just over the horizon.

And last night, after margaritas and chips, I found the perfect skirt. Suede. Mini. Wide belt loops. Low-rider. Black.

This gives me immense pleasure. I may bust it out on my special day.

9 days until I'm getting old.

41 days until I'm getting drunk elsewhere.

77 days until I'm gambling in Vegas.

Somehow, always something crops up to look forward to. I appreciate this good luck.

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