03.20.06 :: 9:16 am

vernal equinox my pasty white ass.

the weekend rocked me like a hurricane. my sassy little rockstar pal Ruby completely tore shit up on drums Friday night and then we tore shit up on the dance floor afterwards. Or, maybe I just did. I don't really recall, apart from sore legs and butt Saturday morning.

Fueled by coffee at 7:30 am, ry & i took stoosh-dog to the dog run and she tore shit up running like a little greyhound on speed. we still can't believe she's ten, and on senior food.

laid low like government spies saturday night, watching movies and when sunday rolled around, we were in the mood for more relaxation

enter lemur, with two bottles of wine and his never-ending savvy on the ps2, he whupped ass in resident evil, passing me where i was stuck fighting some S&M looking dude in chains and leather.

and here we are with anther work-week looming ahead. i've managed to lay pretty low here, all the while accomplishing many a feat and have therefore not incurred any wrath or felt my usual sense of malaise.

and the two grand the government is giving me back in taxes? that ain't such bad news, either.
although, it's not getting spent on anything fun and instead is getting put into the wedding fund (which i guess could be considered a type of fun, if you're into that sort of thing) and maybe we'll jazz up our honeymoon or upgrade some menu items, who knows.

monday, monday, monday.

kids, i'm already over this day.

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