04.30.02 :: 10:09 am

Today I would like my tax return, please.

Also, I would like it if people didn't have such expensive birthday tastes, but hopefully you get what you give in the go-around. We'll see on payday if I can afford to eat steak that night.

This money thing? Getting to me.

This hiring freeze? Getting to me even more.

In Vegas, I saw the most amazing hand bags, and it really dawned on me that if I was getting paid what I'm worth, I would have no qualms handing over the plastic and buying what I want.

In the meantime, I hope there is a dying rich relative out there who loves me very, very much.


At the breakfast buffet in the hotel yesterday morning, we watched two couples say grace at their table before getting the food. And we thought that was odd because, dudes, you're in Vegas, sin capital of the nation.

Circus Circus, a hotel so good they had to name it twice. By the end of our stay, we were calling it Circus Jerkus, and Dorkus Dorkus.

Because we're eleven.

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