04.02.02 :: 9:10 am

It's only 9:10 and I've been hurled into the foulest mood.

What could be so freaking wrong with people sometimes? I'm walking up the subway stairs and some motherfucker steps on the heel of my shoe, effectively removing it completely from my foot and then leaving it there on the stairs, not even helping out by, oh I don't know, handing it back to me?

So while I get trampled by the rush of commuters like some demented 21st Century Cinderella, I scream out to the guy, "Thanks a lot, dumbass!" to which he didn't even reply.

Because you know you're wrong! You know it!

Back up to ground level and I smack right into a -- what else -- tourist who's not looking where she's going but instead up at the buildings, the sky, whatfuckingever. So she gets a lovely, "Watch it, moron" and can immediately send a postcard back to West Motherfuck, Utah hopefully telling her equally retarded friends not to set foot here.



I'm going to get coffee now so I can chill the fuck out.

I am SO needed my Vegas vacation, stat.

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