04.03.02 :: 1:49 pm

buzz buzz buzz.

It's been so long since I had a cigarette outside during the day. And damn if it don't feel gooood.

Everything at work instantly becomes better glossed over in a nicotine haze. I dscuss birth control with the HoverCraft, I discuss nightmare dresses with the Manager of Metal Compacts. ..

It's all so cheery.

Why must cigarettes taunt me so?

In any case, even though it's raining, I'm in a good mood. This is partially the Yasmin's doing, I'm sure. They're like little miracle happy and non-bloat pills.

Also today, I'm smiling at being thanked in Amazon wish list gifts for doing something I consider fun.

I could so get used to that.

It's almost Thursday, which means it's almost Friday which means getting to see My Boy rock out. Where's the fast forward button on this week? I feel like blasting "Can't Hardly Wait" and standing on top of my desk and singing.

And all this due to one little Marlboro Light?

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