12.13.04 :: 11:17 am

Ruby made luscious cocktails last night and it was just us girls chillin in her livin room and swapping gossip and stories and taquitos.

I told the story of how, as a kid, my mother would use my old underwear (the ones that lost their elasticity) as dust rags.

She'd bust them out in front of company, too, whenever there was a spill or something and I'd be perfectly mortified at the sight of of my dingy, dust-blackened panties being displayed so horrifically to complete strangers.

This has probably affected my emotional development in some way. I am sure of it.

Anyway, afterwards I went to Ryan's place and we culed up and watched a cheesey romantic comedy and he actually welled up at the part where the guy proposes to the girl in a very quirky and heart-wrenching fashion.

So cute. And yet so gay.

This is my last Monday in the Grief Pit. Sing hallelujah.

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