01.17.05 :: 1:58 pm

Chris Heartdrop's birthday was a very good time.

Ruby and I went nuts on the fabulous jukebox, there was foosball and real football (for my Ryan's hypnotized gaze) and there was lots of booze. Lots.
I'm pretty sure, at some point, Ryan was so into the Specials song I selected, that we slowdanced to it right there.

And it was a Whorenun reunion party and I just feel so close to those bitches, you don't even know.

Luckily today I am not hung over.

I'm feverishly importing CD's and hoping I can finish before June.

This has been a great long weekend.
I kinda am not feeling the 9-5's return tomorrow.

Currently, there are potatoes in the oven roasting in a bath of olive oil, rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper.
I will be faceplanting in them shortly.

Oh just you wait.

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