11.29.05 :: 11:15 am

currently in a state of utter panic the likes of which are sure to melt away the pounds i've gained over the holidays.

my stupid wedding dress.
is no longer white.
it's discolored to a really unpleasant champgane hue.
and now i'm calling 47 million "experts" all over the tri-state area who supposedly specialize in "gown restoration" and I'm like, you don't understand, do you understand?? but DO YOU!??
that dress needs to be WHITE, as in BRITESMILE WHITE.

I want to cry silently at my desk.

It'll either get fixed or it won't.
And if it won't, it won't matter in the end. I'll just go to J. Crew and buy one of their lovely dresses and be done with it.
I guess.

I really hope someone can fix my dress, though. It's such a stupid thing to be worried about, but what can I do.
It's my worry.

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