09.04.02 :: 9:04 am

From the "Oh My God, Why??!" Files: nude pantyhose and sandals, Uptown R train, 8:35 AM.

The new McD's in Times Square looks like the set of Rent, what with all the floodlights and other stage lighting equipment and indudstrial stairs and shit. Also, I got my breakfast value meal in under ten seconds. It's good to be back in New York.

Things I call a moratorium on for this year:
white pants, those stupid belts with the superlong tassle tie thingies that hang down to your knees, and pointy shoes. Say it with me: enough already.

Carla found herself some internet love this holiday weekend, and asked me to join her in her next visit to the boy which happens to be in Chicago. I think I'll accept the offer and go look up Hilary and Danielle. That would be such a good reunion.

I hear the coffee pot screaming my name. I better listen.

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