11.01.01 :: 2:05 pm

Ah, the flu shot. Let's hope it really works.

So, next weekend an adventure in the wilderness with My Boy.

If that tent's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin', if ya know what I mean. And I think you do. 'Cause you're that kind of crew.

I've never been camping before, in my life, ever. I mean, I've slept outdoors plenty of time -- in Greece, at beach parties on the beach; and if I was locked out of the house, I'd crash on the beach chair on our porch -- but never in a tent, in the woods, literally camping.

I hope I survive. I think I will. My Boy's an Eagle Scout, fer chrissakes. The guy can start a fire with, like, twigs.

I cannot wait. Ghost stories! Cheap wine! S'mores! I'm glad we're taking the Stoosh-dog along. I think she'll enjoy peeing and pooping in the woods. In her sweater-coat.

We're psyched. Even though he's only taking me camping to make up for not giving me the Sex and the City martini glasses he scored from work.

Road trip, one week away! Wilderness, here we come!

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