02.16.07 :: 9:46 am

holy shit that was fun/weird/insane.

basically, i was on my feet from 2 PM until 9:00 PM yesterday. There were NO CHAIRS in that place!

Anyway, I set up my booth in about twenty seconds and them wandered around watching other people set up theirs. To say that everyone's was elaborate would be an understatement.

Flowers, trays of coffee beans and leaves, bamboo structures, I mean these people went ALL OUT.

It was CROWDED, too.
Luckily, the girls I was jammed up against for the better part of 6 hours were HILARIOUS and great company.

I couldn't have made it through the whole night without them.
We got our pictures taken for a beauty industry magazine, probably because we were the only section having any fun.
What's really great is that one of the girls was from my brand's arch-rival.
And yet we were getting along like peas and carrots because, for real, who cares about that shit?
It's all about making each other laugh through a very, very long and exhausting night.

At the end of it, after being only 10 feet away from the bar the whole time (that were not allowed to partake in!), we exchanged numbers and now have new friends to share cocktails with.

And really, that's what it's all about.

I still hope I won an award, though.

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