06.15.04 :: 1:50 pm

It's been a year since I made the move to Brooklyn. I don't feel like recapping it, but I think my life has been going quite well since the Big Breakup.

Granted, I've felt lonely and whatever but on the whole, I'm doing what I please, when I please, and without having to answer to anyone.

I should enjoy this freedom. Except sometimes I'd enjoy sharing the bed.

Basta. Mr. M wrote me a "hey how's it going" email, to which I have not responded. I don't think I will, either, given the utter assbasket-ness of his last words to me.

What does he want? To be friends? Is he crazy? I don't want to be friends.

And it is completely true that the second you start forgetting, they weasel into your mind's periphal vision. Fuck that. Get out and stay out.

This celibacy thing has sure unclouded my thinking.

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