04.21.07 :: 10:01 am

yesterday after work, ry and i visited friends of ours and their 8-week old baby girl.

needless to say, i fell ass over teakettle in love with her. i cradled her, wiped her drool, and generally worked my heretofore unused mommy-muscle.

and by the time we left, i smelled like spit-up and baby-scent (a mixture of marshmallows and fruit, in this case) and my ovaries were twitching violently.

So, yeah.

In moving-related news, I bought a hot, kickin' new pair of eyeglasses (it's been over 7 years) that I will sport all over LA and be the hot, fashionable mama I am.

Holy shit, we're outta here in four days.

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