01.02.09 :: 10:13 am

How alarming is it that it's totally possible not to leave your house for days and days on end? This modern age, man.
If you've got a stocked fridge, the internet, and cable there is really no reason to go anywhere.

And so, my friends, I haven't.

It's been 3 days since we've taken a walk. I'm not lazy; it's minus two outside.

Today, though, I'm going to the gym. No ifs, ands, or (flabby) but(t)s about it.
Once Ry gets back from selling the car (Adieu, Nissan Versa, you were good to us), I'm outta here. And I plan to run like I'm on fire. I will burn a hole through the treadmill.

So yeah, we're selling the car. There's no reason to have one in Brooklyn. The fucked up thing is that there are TWO accident reports listed on the car which is weird since we only had ONE back in February of 08.
But for some bizarre reason, there is a record of "airbag deployment" on August 20th which as you can see is an impossibility since we hadn't left the house in ages.

So this devalues the car. We can only get $7k instead of $9k and honestly, I'm annoyed because you can't just wipe that wrong thing off the record; apparently it's like your credit report. It takes years and we don't have time to be bogged down in this shit and oh my head.

My head.

Anyway. Seven grand isn't too bad, I suppose. Back into the nest egg it goes.

As we go up we go down, etc.

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