03.23.07 :: 7:03 pm

and now, i am on a week-long vacation.
things i will do: absolutely no more than a mani-pedi and 20 minutes under some UV rays.

If I feel like it, I may go for a 30minute run. That is to say, if it stops raining for one godforsaken minute.

We booked our rental car today.

And I haven't thought of any way to properly say goodbye to my hometown yet but I will.
It's all sinking in.

Did you know that Motel 6's are pet-friendly? This is indeed very good news.

I printed out all the motel 6 locations along our route to California and am pleased to report that Stoosh will have a light on left for her, as it were.

We're dropping the rental car off in Palm Springs and chilling there for 2 days at the in-laws' place for well-deserved pool time, grilling, and sunning.

I'm less worried about the job thing.
Because everyone who's taken a look at my resume so far has said the same thing: it's highly impressive.

I'm still young and fabulous, FYI.

I have to throw a proper send-off as well, but I'm really not sure what I want to do or where I want to go and i'm attributing this lack of party-spirit to my New York Hangover.

I'll come up with something.
And you best believe it will have a kick-assly designed invite.

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