12.29.05 :: 8:56 am

Dear California,

I could really love you, I could. But oh my christ I'm still carsick. I don't think I'll ever get used to driving everywhere, all the time.

Love, Sunday.

Oh but in Christmas Spectacular news, I got some amazing gifts. When his family asked me for a wishlist, and I put random stuff down, I didn't expect to get EVERY SINGLE THING on my list.

I felt like the underprivileged child going to spend the holidays with the rich family.
It was awkward for me at first because the space under the tree was like forty square feet of presents and my family doesn't really do it up like that, but after about the sixth round of gift-opening, I was all "I could so get used to this."

Opening presents took a marathon 4 hours. FOUR HOURS.

Anyway, it was a blast. Ryan and I went hiking up a mountain in Palm Springs and I got winded before even the first peak.
Blubber and Lard, thy name is MY THIGHS.

We kicked around the idea of throwing a Palm Springs wedding party for the people in California who can't make it to the wedding. And I'm liking that idea.

I am flat broke again this month.
But it's been a great holiday. thank you baby jesus.

And I missed you, my insane, sweet New York.

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