08.10.03 :: 3:14 pm

We got dolled up last night and I mean dolled. We looked so smashing, me and the girls.

And we rocked the open bar at the Black & White party, in our party frocks and then braved the downpor and went to Hi Fi for more cocktails.

I don't know why i thought I needed more drinks.

But Ruby made a good point. How often do we get decked out? And people noticed. Some guy told us we looked great.

And then there were the fucking pirates who almost ruined everything by being class-A assholes. Guys in eyeliner and feather boas and scarves on their heads are fucking ridiculous. And they thought they were hot shit.

Whatever, long story short, I told my new favorite bouncer, Al, to keep an eye on them after one especially obnoxious and stupid one lit some bar napkins on fire in front of me.

Cue the deer.

And cue the cute guy who came up to us later with the wry pickup line, "So... you ladies with the pirates?"

I think his name was Billy. And I think I agreed to go to dinner with him. I don't know. By that point I was hammered beyond all recognition. He seemed to think it was charming or something because we shared a cab back to Brooklyn, he paid for my portion of the ride, and said he'd call.

Again. We'll see. Me and guys? The hooking up part is a cakewalk, but the getting them to stick around for a little bit is the tough part.

Which is why I go with my summer mantra: "I just do not give a fuck."

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