12.11.01 :: 10:20 am

It was a very respectable buzz I got going on last night. Light and breezy. Like a Summer's Eve commercial.

Anyway. Some girl there was waving her ass around while playing pool. Thought she was hot shit, making eyes at My Boy, but whatever. She was cross eyed and her hips were wide. Eat my ass, in other words.

Feeling a little vulgar and violent today. Something to do with the dream regarding She Who Shall Go Nameless (From Now On) and me bashing her face in with my shoe. It was startling, indicative of my burying my emotions, and oddly satisfying.

Woke up panting.

Just so you know.

In less athletic news, the prospect of purging mountains of handwritten journals in order to make my move easier is my own private bulimia.

Out with the old in with the new, kids, and with that comment, I'm getting some scacks.

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