05.09.03 :: 9:37 am

It's been a week completely filled with activities to keep me busy.

The busier I am, the less I have to think, and the less I have to think, the less it hurts, and the less it hurts, the easier it is to let it go and start re-creating our friendship.

Everything will be alright forever.

Peaks and fucking valleys, my friends.

That said, and on the same note, I started checking out apartments. I'm going for a change of pace, I believe. Brooklyn. And call me insane, but I am holding out until I find another loft.

Part of me is excited to start a new life and see where it goes. And part of me is still kickin' it with the past.

But I'm definitely more prepared than I was last time. I'm also not alone. A new adventure begins.

Tonight, another Friday round of drinks.

Tomorrow, a girls' night out with the Fee and the Swan and the Fox.

Busy, busy, busy.

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