07.04.05 :: 9:53 am

spent a fabulous saturday at the beach with Ruby and ryan and Ruby's date ("first and last") and i used SPF4 so I didn't get as crazy dark as i usually do.
Again, the ass/thigh region holds some kind of intrinsic SPF45 all its own...

yesterday afternoon i got an insane urge to haul ass to the J&R by Wall Street and buy the Sims2 for Ryan's Mac ('cause it's new and fast) and I spent fifty bucks i shouldn't have but have just had the most fun several hours of my life.

Well, okay, i'm exaggerating
but seriously, the sims2? rocks. first of all, you can customize your character's face with such excrutiating detail that the end product can really look like your clone.

this is troubling when you see your Sim make out with various neighborhood strangers.

anyway, it's a good time.

today: barbecue in the name of independence. hooray!

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