06.09.02 :: 10:52 am

Off to Liberty State Park for the mother of all picnics between me and m boy. On a huge sheet, with too much food and the cd player, and little Stoosh-dog trying to get her nose into other people's eats. Books and mags and it's a party.

Right now, a hard boiled egg.

Last night, pot and drinks and good company and Buckaroo Banzai and midnight birthday presents for Joey Dandelion.

Everything where it should be, everything really lovely right now.

I think I would enjoy the sunshine more if I didn't have to go get that spot on my back removed. I suppose the years of Greek summers on boats and the constant outdoors has caught up with me. One small spot, one discolored little patch. But it has to go. Soon.

You know what? Despite that minor thing, I like how things are going. Five weeks is nothing. Five weeks will go by. I'll keep busy. A yoga class or two with Swan. Days at Coney Island. It's gonna be a magnificent summer.

And, in August, My Boy and I hope on a plane and go to Greece. My family is practically insane with anticipation.

These next two years are my time. I say.

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