01.26.02 :: 11:06 pm

That was really funny.
In hindsight.

Mom and I got driven by Moy Boy to Long island. to the one bridal store in the tri-state area that had the dress I fell in love with.

And I went to a bridal store. And I got treated like a pretty pretty princess and whatnot and was fawned all over and I tried the dress on and they were waaaaay more complimentary than necessary because, I mean, hi, I got measured and my hips are a __ I can't even say the number.

But still. They said I looked divine.

And I did. And you know what? That was my dress all along. I saw it and the lady in the picture in the magazine wasn't a model, it was me. Pass the Velveeta, I know. But it's true. I put it on and my mother burst forth with the crying and I was just staring at myself like I had no idea what i was looking at but I liked it anyway.

And the veils and the crystal bunwrap and everything, everything.

Some lady saw me in that dress and said, "I want to try that one on!"

Well, it was flattering I guess.

And the dress is mine. Mine. Of course, I won't see it again for months and then I'll get fitted like three times, so by the time I actually wear the dress for real, it will be close to the big freaking day.

Afterwards, my mother and I spent two hours waiting outside for a seemingly lost My Boy. Though he wasn't lost. he was where he said he'd be, at Guitar Center, all along, and we just didn't see him. All three times we went in there to look.

My mother, being the worrisome type, called the police and upon hearing that she did this, I burst forth with the crying at the thought "I just tried on my wedding dress and now he's gone!!" like an asshole.

The second the cop car pulls up in front of us, My Boy comes out of Guitar Center, all "Where were you guys?" And it was funny and sad and relieving and the cop laughed and wasn't at all annoyed with the spazztrionics of my mother and I.

All's well that ends well.

I made $120 in tips tonight. Just when I made up my mind to quit, I get an assload of tips.

Anyway, off to make myself a cocktail and wait for My Boy's return.

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