09.19.01 :: 10:55 am

Coping. Doing better, a little bit better every day. Not watching the news so obsessively is helping. Talking to friends about it, talking to friends about regular daily bullshit. Stir, heat, serve.

It will take me forever to go back down to the financial district.

It will be long after they've buried the dead, and put up new buildings, and people have walked past the memorial ten thousand times.

It will be years after new postcards come out and the old ones with the WTC are collector's items.

Then I will be 100%

For today, though, I remind myself that it's all out of my hands. It's up to the Fates and Furies to decide what's to become of me, of the guilty, of the country, of the planet, whathaveyou.

I was not in those buildings. There is a reason for that, and it propels me. Borrowed time, kids. You know what they say.

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