12.14.01 :: 9:56 am

I attempted packing up my two hall closets. It took four boxes. This does not bode well for the rest of my apartment.

Hold me.

I bought a miniature Christmas tree and decorated it with a strand of purple lights. It's a very understated cool.

I also bought all the ingredients I need for my Red Velvet Cake with bourbon cream sauce in anticipation of a party that's happening next week. Of all the losery things to do, huh?

Whatever, I'm excited.

And My Boy came over around 12:30 am while I was already asleep, and cooked himself eggs and it smelled and then he passed out next to me; my face his neck.

One day closer.

Less than half a day today, I'm out at two. Pack and clean and pack and clean. I'm the most boring Whorenun of them all.

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