06.25.05 :: 12:06 pm

fortunately, the cable guy came and went in under an hour but poor ryan is still waiting for his 8 am - noon appointment so i'll spruce up my herb and flower mini-garden and read out on the deck.

it's too hot for words and i don't think i can bear going to the park and sweating.

i'm hungry but it's too hot to eat.

two consecutive night of a/c a few weeks ago skyrocketed the electric bill by thirty bucks and i'm thinking hello, someone come read the meter because for real. what the hell is that?

hot breeze = no relief.

tonight, dinner with ryan and some of his pals and then a night out with New York's foinest.

It's going to be a popsicles and salad kind of day.

Melting away,

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