04.09.04 :: 10:43 am

I hate being subjected to co-worker's shitty, shitty music on Fridays. This kind of thing should be put to a vote and if the majority agrees that it's crapsicles, away with it.

I'm so cranky today. I scare myself.

The "exploratory" "interview" yesterday went stunningly. Proof positive that the forces that have been conspiring against me for the past year were taking a nap.

She told me I pretty much have the job in the bag, we just have to wait and see if the girl I'd be replacing is actually leaving to take another job or staying put.

Someone break into her apartment and send her subliminal messages to quit through her television, please.

The offices are on Prince Street, and resemble a giant, well-lit artist's loft.

Can I please have this fucking job please?

Anyway. Last night, I got drinks with EP and we ended up doing each other manically.

Well, I needed that. It helped me forget You-Know-Who for a short time.

Oh who the fuck am I kidding?

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