01.08.02 :: 12:18 pm

Looking at old photo albums at My Boy's parents house late one night and he said that he thinks we will have all girls. "It's just a feeling I get." I said I could see that; my family has more girls than boys. All I hope, though, is that my girls are way into chemistry sets, microscopes, and bugs.


Chinese takeout tastes better microwaved after two days of sitting in the fridge. The splendor of preservatives.


He's a miracle baby, so he says, and It is probably true. And he kept reminding me on the flight home, jokingly, to justify stealing my dessert. This made me laugh.

His dad should not have survived that accident, let alone father another child.


Next year's holiday cards will be polaroids of the passed out glued on card stock. Festive.

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