02.10.04 :: 9:46 am

From where will I gather the strength to make it to Friday? I ask you.

Spent a lovely evening eating popcorn and watching "The Office" with Mr. M last night and it kinda sucked having to go to bed early and waking up at 6am, knowing he was all toasty and adorable in bed still; man, what I would have given at that second to get a call saying there's no need to sit in my cube today and crawl back under the covers and into my nook under his arm.

But alas. Women gotta have their makeup.

When I mentioned earlier in the evening that I was going to buy the Criterion Collection edition of Withnail and I he said, "Don't do that." And I go, "Why not?" And he said, "Because someone might buy it for you."

OK, and yes. I'm stopping right there. I don't want to write about it too much. Not worried about jinxing it, but it's kind of a little bit freaky how into him I am and how seemingly into me he is and everything inside me is buzzing and I'm a little scared or a little excited or both or I don't know.

Just know, dear readers, that it's been years since my eyes saw things the way I'm seeing them now.

Out from under cloud cover, into the skyest blue.

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