10.11.01 :: 9:45 am

I like it when things at work go smoothly. Not that I'm ever a work person, but when everything is where it needs to be at the right time and everyone's all "Great job!" it leaves a strange feeling of satisfaction in my belly and it makes me feel okay about surfing the internet all the livelong day. So there.

Last night I started my new waitressing job. Let me just say that it's double the comic relief of Basic and triple the feeling of being on a sitcom. Characters with names like Smitty, Fredo, and Pappy. Lines like "Shut the fuck up, you cracked out Mexican, your mother sucks dick for money...hand me the Pinot Grigio, please." I'm gonna feel right at home.

Day One and already the bartender cracked his head on a meter while balancing a tray of drinks. I could only stand there and watch it happen. And then we laughed and ate penne.

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