02.17.09 :: 9:58 pm

I have heartburn the likes of which I haven't experienced since pregnancy and I mean this shit is like pain waves pulsing straight through my GUMS.

SO not pregnant, either because I started the pill after the pee stick told me to go ahead.

I've eaten nothing but bland food all day and I'm pissed because all I want to do is devour the adobo chicken calling my name from the fridge.

I can't wait for the glowy skin portion of artificial hormones. It's like the one pleasant side effect.

Speaking of side effects, FUCK the scale at the gym in all seriousness. I'm supposed to be LOSING weight not gaining it. That is not why I contort myself into a sweaty pile four times a week.
God give me the strength to adopt a fierce eating disorder and an iron-clad will.

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