08.15.03 :: 9:44 am

The blackout was spectacular!!

I've never had such an adventurous Thursday afternoon.

After walking down 41 flights of stairs, my mother and I head over to her apartment where the gourmet deli near her was giving away free gourmet cheeses.

Tw boxes of crackers and some smoked gouda later, I decide it's time to attempt getting to brooklyn.

FOUR HOURS LATER, and crossing the brooklyn bridge in pitch darkness with hordes of strangers, I arrive at my apartment.

I climb onto the roof and find my neighbors and my roommate, having an impromptu "Eat all the perishables" party. Which we did.

We looked at the blackened skyline and hoped that the lights would come back all at once, like at a surprise party.

Today, I get the day off. Unfortunately, the subways aren't running so I can't go to the beach, but I might bike up to the park and sit there for a while.

It's sunny. Finally.

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