06.12.03 :: 10:40 pm

Found a kicky little dress for Laurie's wedding and I'm only 1/3 hoping there are people there to look good for because this dress looks good.

And it's unbelievable, what with this crazy ongoing consumption of starch and meat and peanut butter, that I am the size that I am.

Chicken legs and all.

It must be the stress of starting a new life. I'm not showing it on the outside, but it comes and visits sometimes on the inside.

This is keeping me antsy and fastwalking.

And I never think I look that good at any given moment, but lately? Rock and fucking roll. Unfortunate events really become me.


It's absolutely pouring right this second. Stoosh-dog is so freaked out she keeps staring out the window, wide-eyed and crying and looking back at me very very concerned.

What a crybaby I've raised.

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