10.11.08 :: 6:56 am


ryan secured us an apartment in our beloved old neighborhood! A two bedroom place with exposed brick and an office! Kickass!
He's so awesome, he even went on a job interview that went really well so hopefully we won't be eating ramen and cat food for the next few months.

These past 5 days alone with Oliver have really tested my mettle as a parent. It's been HARD, y'all. Yesterday, he was wide awake and ready to party for five hours straight and I have no idea how to entertain an infant for that long.
I'm really tired and looking forward to relief.

When Ryan gets here, we're buying a stash of formula, 8 oz baby bottles, and I'm exiting stage left to go live at the pool for a day or two with my trashy magazines.

It's still summer here. Unbelievably, annoyingly summer.

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