03.04.08 :: 9:11 am

intensely vivid dream about giving birth to a 2-year old. also breastfeeding said 2 year old.
dear god.

Thursday we get to see Oliver and confirm he's not a toddler.

After a near miss today on the street involving an idiot who swerved into our lane because he was, I dunno, bending over to pick something up while driving, I am safely at work with an elevated heart rate.

Did I mention fuck this city?

Anyway, things not helping matters:
the side effects of working with Winnie include (but are not limited to) acute migraine, right over my left eye, possibly due to all the eye-rolling and headshaking.
And depression.

But I'm working through it.
At least I don't have to suffer her for long.

We'll be back in Brooklyn soon enough, and this will all have seemed like a strange, terrible, disturbing dream.

Like breastfeeding a 2 year old.

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