03.20.02 :: 10:11 am

Someone's been searching the web for "Sundaygirl" + "engaged" like forty-six bajillion times.

And to this, I have to reply: Get! Over! It! Nothing has changed! I'm still engaged! The story behind it is still the same! Nothing new has been written about it! ANYWHERE! Quit reading the same entry over and over and over again! It's really creepy, you obsessive pshycopath.

Onward. This morning's bus ride was made less boring by a conversation about operations that make the deaf hear again; cochlear implants. And how cool would it be to go from hearing nothing, to bionic hearing in weeks. Well, not really bionic, but everything is loud and new and crisp and bizarre for them, and it must be like a totally different universe.

If I ever go deaf, I want bionic hearing. Turn me up with a twist of a knob and let birds' hearts be my metronome.

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