12.26.01 :: 8:49 am

We miss seeing the bikini girls video on the little screens of our bus into the city, me and My Boy.

Every five seconds: "I don't see bikini girls," and "I'm not paying for this ride."

He cooked the ham to perfection and my mom was pleased and gushing.

Greece it is, then, for the wedding. July 2003. It still doesn't sound real.

I'm actually marrying the flamingo-pink haired boy who asked me to come to a party in his dorm room in 1993 and then proceeded to get us shitfaced while playing strip Warlords on Atari 2600.

It's a New York fairytale. I do say.

Today I deposit the X-mas cash, and cross fingers that I don't bounce my checks.

Really, though? Who cares! It's almost the weekend... again!

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