06.24.03 :: 4:38 pm

It's summer full force and I mean full because ninety degrees is more than enough.

Of course this means it will rain this weekend which is probably a sign that I should order my cable service now and spend all of Saturday lazing about in my own filth, in front of quality programming like A Baby Story.

Serenity now.

And not to beat a dead horse, but I can't believe he hangs out with those people he hangs out with. One is more amazingly dysfunctional and awful than the next. I was thinking about it as he was telling me about the upcoming tour... and the conclusion I came to was that I would rather be mutilated savagely by wolves and left for dead in the snowy mountains to die of exposure and blood loss than ride in a van across the country for two months with that toxic bunch. Honest to Christ.

And that this was probably the biggest reason I would get exasperated with him. He likes these people and hangs out with them voluntarily.

It's a wonder I got out alive with half my sanity intact.

And I'm set free!

Oh, and in the end? I win.

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