06.12.07 :: 3:33 pm

i'm so sick of all the clothes i own.
first world problems.

tomorrow, i have the day off to take the written test for a learner's permit and also to go to the ladyparts doctor and the dermatologist.
Everything hits at once.

A beautiful day here is southern california, in non-surprising news.

yesterday, Ro and I went to a vendor meeting that was honestly like five minutes from our office and we managed to get FULLY lost (cue the tubas).
Hilarity ensues and we finally get there but their parking structure was labyrinthine and frustrating and we're wearing the most uncomfortable shoes imagineable and ended up walking about a mile out of our way underground.
Our frustration led to many laughs, though.

And we made it out alive, thank God.

Oh, PS, I've successfully sprouted flowers in the back yard. It's truly amazing. I've never grown anything in my life.
yay plus hooray!

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