03.03.05 :: 1:17 pm

today mr. diddy picks his favorite scent, his favorite bottle, and his favorite folding carton. if it's the last thing i accomplish in this life. i swear i'm at the point of mumbling incoherently through the halls ever since we were put on RED ALERT by the Lauders themselves.

in front of the television last night The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of L.A (AKA, Ryan) said to me "I can't wait for you to move in here."
And I was like "Dude, that's because you want to quit your freelance job!"

but ok, not so secretly, i know that's not true.

not 100% anyway.

fuck i love that man something retarded.

the egg drop in my soup. the surprise tenner in a pocket. etcetera.

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